Hungarian Anti-aging Paprika Facial

Best for mature, fatigued, sun-damaged or blemished skin. The paprika herbal mask detoxifies and boosts oxygen, stimulating cellular metabolism and blood circulation, leaving skin smooth and glowing.

  • 60 minutes $100.00

Customized Organic Facial

Customized for your personal skin type, this facial uses a variety of organic fruit and herbs, cleansers, masks, toners and moisturizers.

  • 60 minutes $95.00

Back Rejuvenation

The back, shoulders to hips, is cleansed, toned, steamed and exfoliated, followed by a stress reduction massage. Perfect for showing off a nice back in a strapless dress or simply to relax.

  • 45 minutes $80.00

* The product we use and believe in is Eminence Organics, an organic product from Hungary.